Heritage, Culture and Rights

Challenging Legal Discourses

Edited by: Andrea Durbach, Lucas Lixinski

Cultural heritage law and its response to human rights principles and practice has gained renewed prominence on the international agenda. The recent conflicts in Syria and Mali-as well as China's use of shipwreck sites and underwater cultural heritage to make territorial claims, and the cultural identities of nations post-conflict-highlight the field as an emerging global focus and stage for the configuration and contestation of cultural heritage, rights, and the broader politics of international law. The tensions between heritage and human rights is explored in this volume in relation to heritage and rights in cooperation, in conflict, and as a tool for rights advocacy. This volume also explores these issues from a distinctively legal standpoint, considering, for instance, the extent to which the legal tools of international human rights law help or hinder heritage protection. Covering a range of issues across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Australia, this book will be of interest to people working in human rights, heritage studies, cultural heritage management and identity politics around the world. *** "This collection of essays by leading scholars, though primarily Australian in origin, is universal in orientation. Ranging from a broad survey of the applicable laws of armed conflict to a detailed consideration of urban design in Southeast Asia, the essays offer significant insights into the relationship between the protection and use of cultural heritage, on one hand, and fundamental human rights, on the other. Ultimately, the mutual reinforcement of the two disciplines of law prevails over carefully-acknowledged tensions between them. Readers at all levels of expertise will find the book of great interest." --Professor James Nafziger, Willamette University College of Law [Subject: Property Law, Human Rights Law, Socio-Legal Studies, Heritage Studies, International Law]

Publication Date: 5/18/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849468084