Lawyers' Ethics and Professional Responsibility

By Andrew Boon

Concise and highly readable, this textbook aims to produce lawyers who can debate, criticize, and change professional ethics, as well as understand their underlying rationale. Written by Andrew Boon, the author of the leading work on the subject - "The Ethics and Conduct of Lawyers in England and Wales" - the book is aimed at the undergraduate student taking a course on lawyers' ethics. The book is divided into four parts, dealing with the professional and regulatory framework for delivering legal services, the obligations owed to clients, wider duties and responsibilities, and practice settings. It sets out the important background to the modern practice of law, and explains the theoretical underpinning of professional ethics and its everyday application through conduct rules and principles. Extracts from (mostly UK/US) legislation, cases, and conduct rules are provided, and comparative issues are considered where relevant. The book is also interactive, raising issues and posing questions that will encourage students to engage with the material as they read along, which will also be helpful for classroom discussion. [Subject: Legal Education, Legal Profession, Legal Ethics, US Law, UK Law]

Publication Date: 10/22/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849467841