Central European Judges Under the European Influence

The Transformative Power of the EU Revisited

Edited by: Michal Bobek

At the onset of the 2004, European Union enlargement witnessed a number of predictions that were being made about the approaches, capacity, and ability of Central European judges who were soon to join the EU. Optimistic voices, foreshadowing the deep transformative power that Europe was bound to exercise with respect to the judicial mentality and practice in the new Member States, were intertwined with gloomy pictures of post-Communist limited formalism and mechanical jurisprudence that could not be reformed (which were likely to undermine the very foundations of the mutual trust and recognition the judicial system of the EU is built upon). Now, ten years later, this book revisits these predictions and critically assesses the evolution of Central European judicial mentality, institutions, and constitutionality under the influence of the EU membership. Comparatively evaluating the situation in a number of Central European Member States in their socio-legal contexts - notably Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania - the book offers unique insights into the process of (non)Europeanization of national legal systems and cultures. (Series: EU Law in the Member States, Vol. 2) [Subject: EU Law, Comparative Law, Socio-Legal Studies]

Publication Date: 11/5/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849467742

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