Trust in International Police and Justice Cooperation

Edited by: Saskia Hufnagel, Carole McCartney

Rapidly evolving efforts to tackle transnational crime entail the exchange of intelligence across jurisdictions and state borders, as well as the 'linking' of law enforcement operations. This book provides a number of different perspectives from across Europe, Australasia, and Canada to examine recent cooperation experiences and the challenges faced in practice. Scholars from a range of legal and criminological fields examine the legal imperatives and social parameters that shape international police and justice cooperation. The included chapters focus on areas where cooperation is now mandated, but where significant issues are raised, including: the international and regional methods of information and intelligence exchange; human rights protection; the coordination of international and regional exchange of evidence; police cooperation in international investigations; the added value of formalizing investigative strategies across jurisdictions; and more. (Series:?O?ati International Series in Law and Society) [Subject: Criminology &?Policing, International Law, Comparative Criminal Law, Socio-Legal Studies]

Publication Date: 1/26/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849467681

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