European State Aid Law and Policy

Third Edition

By Conor Quigley

This third edition of Conor Quigley's highly acclaimed book offers the most comprehensive and detailed examination of European state aid law. The book is designed to provide lawyers, regulators, public officials, and students with a definitive statement of the law and practice of state aid. At the same time as placing state aid law and policy in its economic, commercial, and industrial context, the book fully explores the concept of state aid and its function as a tool of EU law. All of this is achieved by means of the most thorough examination of the extensive jurisprudence of the European courts and the decisions, legislation, and guidelines of the European Commission in declaring aid compatible or incompatible with the internal market. The analysis incorporates all the developments wrought by the Commission's 2013 State Aid Modernization program, including detailed chapters on research and development, environment and energy, restructuring aid, risk capital for SMEs, as well as sectoral aid including, in particular, a detailed assessment of state aid and the financial crisis. The Commission's supervisory powers, as well as the means of enforcing state aid law in the EU and national courts, are also fully explained. ** Reviews of the Second Edition: "Readers will find a superb collection of cases...which allow them not only to gain clear guidance on all the issues, but also to carry out in-depth research alone when invaluable tool. Any lawyer looking for a thoroughly researched, concise and comprehensive treatise on state aid law is well advised to read Quigley." -- Dr. Michael Sch?tte, Business Law International ** "...this book is set to become one of the main sources of reference for practitioners and scholars as well as government and Commission officials....Both the legislation and the case law are set out in a concise, readable and practical manner...." -- Christiana Panayi, British Tax Review [Subject: European Law, Commercial Law]

Publication Date: 12/24/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849466271