Human Rights in Northern Ireland

The CAJ Handbook

Edited by: Brice Dickson, Brian Gormally

Human Rights in Northern Ireland has been completely revised to take into account innumerable legal developments since 2003. This fifth edition examines topics ranging across the full spectrum of civil, political, social, economic, and environmental rights, with particular emphasis on the right not to be discriminated against. It is currently the most comprehensive and practical publication on the state of human rights in Northern Ireland. This is a part of the world where, along with ongoing issues arising out of the conflict ('emergency laws' are still in place, for example), there are familiar questions concerning the rights of people with poor mental health, the law relating to family and sexual matters, children's rights, education rights, employment rights, housing rights, and social security rights. The book's contributors are all experts in their field, most of them with years of experience as human rights activists and advisers. [Subject: Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Irish Law]

Publication Date: 2/19/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849466158