Corporate Finance Law

Principles and Policy (Second Edition)

By Louise Gullifer, Jennifer Payne

The second edition of this acclaimed textbook continues to provide a discussion of key theoretical and policy issues in UK corporate finance law. Fully updated, it reflects developments in the law and the markets in the continuing aftermath of the global financial crisis. One of its distinctive features is that it gives equal coverage to both the equity and debt sides of UK corporate finance law, and seeks, where possible, to compare the two. The topics covered include: an overview of the financing options available to companies * the relationship between debt and equity * the issuance of shares * legal capital * contractual protection for creditors * proprietary protection for creditors * syndicated loans and bond issues * the transfer of debt, including structures which have a similar effect to transfer * public offers of shares * the regulation of the secondary market, including disclosure rules and market abuse regulation * the regulation of debt * takeovers * schemes of arrangement and private equity. Each chapter analyzes the present law critically so as to enable the reader to understand the difficulties, risks, and tensions in this area of law, and the attempts made by the UK's legislature and the courts, as well as the parties involved, to deal with them. The book will be of interest to practitioners, academics, and students engaged in the practice and study of corporate finance law. [Subject: Corporate Law, Finance Law]

Publication Date: 12/14/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849466004