Justice and Authority in Immigration Law

By Colin Grey

This book provides a new and powerful account of the demands of justice on immigration law and policy. Drawing principally on the work of Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant, and John Rawls, it argues that justice requires states to give priority of admission to the most disadvantaged migrants, and to grant some form of citizenship or non-oppressive status to those migrants who become integrated. The book also argues that states must avoid policies of admission and exclusion that can only be implemented through unjust means. It therefore refutes the common misconception that justice places no limits on the discretion of states to control immigration. It will be an interesting and informative read for academics working in the field of immigration law and human rights. Revised dissertation. [Subject: Immigration Law, Human Rights Law]

Publication Date: 4/23/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849465991

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