Law in Transition

Human Rights, Development and Transitional Justice

Edited by: Ruth Buchanan, Peer Zumbansen

Law has become the vehicle by which countries in the 'developing world' - including post-conflict states or states transitioning towards some form of constitutional democracy - must steer the course of social and economic change. Legal mechanisms - in particular, the machinery of human rights - play an increasingly central role in the discourses and practices of both development and transitional justice. These developments can be seen as part of a tendency towards convergence within the wider set of discourses and practices within the field of global governance. While this process of convergence has been both celebrated and critiqued at the level of theory, the present volume provides a more nuanced and critical account of contemporary developments. The book does so through a wide-ranging series of studies drawn from a variety of contexts in which human rights advocacy and transitional justice initiatives are colliding with development projects, programs, and objectives. Law in Transition provides a better understanding of the institutional and normative issues arising in contemporary law, development, and transitional justice contexts.

366 pages

Publication Date: 5/12/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849465922

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