The Impact of Investment Treaty Law on Host States

Enabling Good Governance

By Mavluda Sattorova

While traditionally the prevailing view was that international investment law aimed to ensure good governance for foreign investors (in exchange for their capital and know-how), the more recent narratives postulate that investment treaties and investor-state arbitration alter outcomes not just for foreign investors but for host state communities also. Investment treaty law can arguably foster good governance by holding host governments liable for a failure to ensure transparency, stability, predictability and consistency in their dealings with foreign investors. The recent proliferation of good governance narratives in investment treaty practice, arbitral awards and academic literature raises questions as to their juridical, conceptual and empirical underpinnings. What has propelled good governance from a set of normative ideals to enforceable treaty standards? Does international investment law possess the necessary characteristics to inspire domestic changes at the national level? How do host states respond to investment treaty law? The overarching objective is to unpack existing assumptions concerning the effects of international investment law on host states. By combining doctrinal, empirical, comparative analysis and unveiling the emerging 'nationally felt' responses to international investment norms, the book aims to facilitate a more informed understanding of present contours and the nature of the interplay between international investment norms and national realities.

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