Criminal Justice in Transition

The Northern Ireland Context

Edited by: Anne-Marie McAlinden, Clare Dwyer

This book represents a critical examination of the key aspects of crime and criminal justice in Northern Ireland, which will have resonance elsewhere. It considers the core aspects of criminal justice policy-making which are central to the process of post-conflict transition, including reform of policing, judicial decision-making, and correctional services, such as probation and prisons. Criminal Justice in Transition examines contemporary trends in criminal justice in Northern Ireland as related to various dimensions of crime relating to female offenders, young offenders, sexual and violent offenders, race and criminal justice, community safety, and restorative justice. The book also considers the extent to which crime and criminal justice issues are being affected by the broader processes of 'policy transfer,' globalization, and transnationalism, and the extent to which criminal justice in Northern Ireland is divergent from the other jurisdictions in the UK. Written by leading international authorities in the field, the book offers a snapshot of the cutting edge of critical thinking in criminal justice practice and transitional justice contexts. [Subject: Criminology, Criminal Justice, Policing, Penology, Criminal Law, Social Policy]

Publication Date: 10/22/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849465779