Common Law Legal English and Grammar

A Contextual Approach (International Edition)

By Alison Riley, Patricia Sours

Lord Denning, an influential but controversial English judge, stated that "Words are the lawyer's tools of trade." This legal textbook - now in its second edition - reflects that conviction as it focuses on the language of the law (legal terms, expressions, and grammar), introduced systematically with relevant aspects of the law. Wording is examined in context through analytical reading activities based on original legal texts selected for their interest and importance in different branches of the common law system. The book explores constitutional law, criminal law, tort law, and contract law, yet includes international legal contexts, with a particular focus on human rights and European law. In each chapter, the presentation of legal concepts and terminology in context is graded so that the course progresses, building on the vocabulary and law encountered in earlier chapters. The chapters are organized thematically and include a series of activities/tasks to complete, yet the book does not presuppose previous knowledge of legal English or of the common law. Full answer keys and reflective commentary on both the legal and linguistic aspects are given, and sections marked 'Advanced' offer especially challenging materials. Consolidation sections are designed to test students' global comprehension of the texts analyzed, including precise usage of legal vocabulary in context, with solutions. Common Law Legal English and Grammar is addressed to the non-native speaker of English, and, in particular, intermediate to advanced students who are studying law, as well as academics with a professional interest in Anglo-American law. Practicing lawyers will also find that the book offers valuable analysis of the language of legal documents. [Subject: Legal Education]

387 pages

Publication Date: 6/30/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849465762