Criminal Judicial Review

A Practitioner's Guide to Judicial Review in the Criminal Justice System and Related Areas

Edited by: Piers von Berg

Contributions by: Lord Judge

This is a comprehensive guide to challenging decisions of UK criminal courts and public bodies in the criminal justice system that use judicial review. Written by a team of criminal and public law practitioners, the book considers claims for judicial review arising from criminal proceedings, which now represent a distinct area of public law. These claims are set apart by special considerations and rules on such things as the limits of the High Court's jurisdiction or the availability of relief during on-going proceedings. Criminal practitioners may lack the background to spot public law points. Equally, public law specialists may be unfamiliar with criminal law and the types of issues that arise. Criminal Judicial Review is intended as a resource for both. The book deals with the principles, UK case law, remedies, and the practice and procedure for obtaining legal aid and costs. It will be of assistance to any practitioner preparing judicial review claims involving the following: the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service * the Magistrates', Crown, and Coroners' Courts * the Prison Service and Probation Service * statutory bodies, such as the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Legal Aid Agency * claimants who are children, young persons, or have mental health disorders * the international dimension, including extradition proceedings and EU law.

Publication Date: 9/25/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849465373