Australian Feminist Judgments

Righting and Rewriting Law

Edited by: Heather Douglas, Francesca Bartlett, Trish Luker, Rosemary Hunter

This book brings together feminist academics, lawyers, and activists to present an impressive collection of alternative judgments in a series of Australian legal cases. By re-imagining original legal decisions through a feminist lens, the collection explores the possibilities, limits, and implications of a feminist approach to legal decision-making. Each case is accompanied by a brief commentary that places it in legal and historical context and explains what the feminist re-writing does differently to the original case. The cases not only cover topics of long-standing interest to feminist scholars - such as family law, sexual offenses, and discrimination law - but also areas which have had less attention, including indigenous cultural heritage, immigration, taxation, intellectual property, and environmental law. The collection contributes a distinctly Australian perspective to the growing international literature investigating the role of feminist legal theory in judicial decision-making. [Subject: Gender and the Law, Socio-Legal Studies, Human Rights Law, Australian Law, Legal History]

Publication Date: 12/31/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849465212