The Irish Yearbook of International Law

Volume 6, 2011

Edited by: Fiona de Londras, Siobhán Mullally

The Irish Yearbook of International Law stimulates further research into Ireland's practice in international affairs and foreign policy, filling a gap in existing legal scholarship and assisting in the dissemination of Irish thinking and practice on matters of international law. On an annual basis, the Yearbook presents peer-reviewed academic articles and book reviews on general issues of international law. Designated correspondents provide reports on international law developments in Ireland, Irish practice in international fora and the EU, and the practice of joint North-South implementation bodies in Ireland. In addition, the Yearbook reproduces documents that reflect Irish practice on contemporary issues of international law. The Yearbook makes Irish practice and opinio juris more readily available to governments, academics, and international bodies when determining the content of international law. In providing a forum for the documentation and analysis of North-South relations, the Yearbook also makes an important contribution to post-conflict and transitional justice studies internationally. It promotes a multilateral approach to international affairs, reflecting and reinforcing Ireland's long-standing commitment to multilateralism as a core element of foreign policy. (Series: The Irish Yearbook of International Law - Vol. 6)

254 pages

Publication Date: 8/23/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849464772