Law in Politics, Politics in Law

Edited by: David Feldman

A great deal has been written on the relationship between politics and law. Legislation, as a source of law, is often highly political and is the product of a process or the creation of officials often closely bound into party politics. Legislation is also one of the exclusive powers of the State. As such, legislation is plainly both practical and inevitably political; at the same time, most understandings of the relationship between law and politics have been overwhelmingly theoretical. In this light, public law is often seen as part of the political order or as inescapably partisan. We know relatively little about the real impact of law on politicians through their legal advisers and civil servants. How do lawyers in government see their roles and what use do they make of law? How does politics actually affect the drafting of legislation or the making of policy? This book answer these and other questions about the practical day-to-day relationship between law and politics in a number of settings. It includes chapters by current and former departmental legal advisers, drafters of legislation, law reformers, judges, and academics, who focus on what actually happens when law meet politics in government. (Series: Hart Studies in Constitutional Law - Vol. 3)

294 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849464734

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