The Law of Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

By Michael Barnes

This book discusses the current law of compulsory purchase of land and compensation for that purchase in the UK. It covers all major aspects of the procedure for the compulsory acquisition of land and deals in full detail with all aspects of the law of compensation for such an acquisition. The many and diverse statutory provisions are organized into a series of chapters containing all principles and rules, and there is a full analysis and explanation by leading authorities. The book not only explains the statutory provisions and organizes the various possible claims for compensation, but also explains and analyzes the substantial body of UK case law which has built up, particularly in recent years, and the relationship between that body of law and the underlying statutory provisions. Chapters are devoted to the procedure for formulating and pursuing a claim for compensation and to the valuation principles which must be applied in advancing claims. An appendix is provided which contains examples of different types of compensation valuation, with annotations as to how the valuations are prepared and built up. A further aim of the book is to provide, where possible, practical advice to public authorities and landowners involved in the process of compulsory purchase and compensation, as well as to explain the legal principles.

676 pages

Publication Date: 5/12/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849464482