A Guide to the National Planning Policy Framework

Law and Practice

Edited by: Gregory Jones

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is the key pillar in the government's aim of 'Delivering sustainable development and getting Britain building'. Launched on 27 March 2012 amid much controversy, the NPPF seeks to set out the entirety of the government's policy for town planning in a single document. The government claims it has three fundamental aims: 'To put unprecedented power in the hands of communities to shape the places in which they live; to better support growth to give the next generation the chance that our generation has had to have a decent home, and to allow the jobs to be created on which our prosperity depends and to ensure that the places we cherish - our countryside, towns and cities - are bequeathed to the next generation in a better condition than they are now.' The NPPF became a material planning consideration for all town planning decisions in England immediately upon its publication. This book provides clear practical guidance and commentary on the NPPF by reference to ministerial, planning inspectorate decisions and court judgments. Written by an expert team of specialist planning barristers from the leading planning chambers of Francis Taylor Building and led by Gregory Jones QC, it provides the essential single volume guide to signpost the reader through the new world of the NPPF.

224 pages

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849464475