Managing Family Justice in Diverse Societies

Edited by: Mavis Maclean, John Eekelaar

What response should the law have toward different family practices arising from cultural and religious beliefs? The issue has become increasingly debated as Western countries have become more culturally diverse. Although discussion has frequently focused on the role Islamic family law should have in these countries, this book sets the discussion within a wider context that includes consideration both of theoretical issues and also of empirical data about the interaction between specific family practices and state law in a variety of jurisdictions ranging from England and Wales to Bangladesh, Botswana, Spain, Poland, France, Israel, Iran, and South Africa. The book's contributors approach the subject matter from a variety of perspectives, illustrating the complex and often sensitive nature. The book does not set out to propose any single definitive strategy that should be adopted, but provides material upon which researchers, advocates, and policy makers can draw in furthering their understanding of and seeking solutions to the problems raised by this significant social development. (Series: Onati International Series in Law and Society)

326 pages

Publication Date: 2/1/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849464000

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