International Investment Law

A Handbook

Edited by: Jorn Griebel, Stephan Hobe, August Reinisch, Marc Bungenberg

The growing importance of international investment law, fuelled by the processes of globalization and the search for natural resources, and fostered by the ease of cross-border financial flows, has given rise to a huge expansion in the incidence of new investment treaties and, consequently, new disputes. The complexity of this area and the enormous sums of investment involved mean that the agreements and treaties themselves are highly evolved, while the disputes arising are often hugely intricate and intractable. No area of international law is more in need of the careful and balanced attention of scholars. Anyone interested in international investment law will appreciate this book's comprehensive, thoughtful, and detailed exploration. [Subject: International Law, Investment Law, Economic Law, Trade Law]

808 pages

Publication Date: 3/6/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849463638