International Arbitration in Germany

A Handbook

By Marcel Barth, Gerhard Wegen

While the availability and efficacy of arbitration in London, Paris, and New York is well known, and the popularity of the Swiss system is widely accepted, less is known about the mechanisms available for arbitrating international disputes in Germany. In fact, Germany boasts a well-developed system of arbitration which is streamlined, efficient, and inexpensive, but which has been hitherto overlooked in favor of other jurisdictions. This book, written by experienced German arbitrators, explains in detail the workings of the German system for international arbitration - the basis of its code, its institutional architecture, and its procedural features. Thus, this work presents, for the first time, the full workings of the German system to an English-speaking audience. [Subject: Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution]

800 pages

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ISBN: 9781849463607

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