The Assignment of Contractual Rights

Second Edition

By Greg Tolhurst

The Assignment of Contractual Rights is a work explaining the existence, meaning and application of the rules governing the assignment of contractual rights. The second edition is updated and retains the structure of the first edition focusing on what is meant by "assignment", what is the distinction between legal and equitable assignments, how an assignable contractual right is identified, what formalities apply to assignment and what rights and remedies are available to the parties to an assignment. In reviewing the first edition The Hon JD Heydon said "it is essential reading for ... teachers, especially those who teach contract, equity and personal property. Above all, it should always be consulted - read carefully, slowly and repeatedly - by any practitioner facing an assignment problem.... It belongs to the tradition which finds the sources of the law in the decisions made by judges in deciding particular cases - a tradition which naturally appeals to those who have to appear before those judges in seeking a resolution to controversies in which their clients have become involved.... Within that broad tradition, however, this work achieves an unusual level of distinction and value. It is not only the best book ever written on its subject, but among the best monographs dealing with legal doctrine published in recent years": (2008) 30 Sydney Law Review 169 [Subject: Contract Law, Tort Law, Commercial Law, Restitution Law]

Publication Date: 8/4/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849463324