EU International Relations Law

Second Edition

By Panos Koutrakos

This new edition provides the definitive, comprehensive, and systematic analysis of the law governing the EU's action in the world. Updated to take into account the Lisbon Treaty, the book covers: all constitutional aspects of the EU's international action * the procedures for treaty-making * the relationship between the EU and its Member States, with an emphasis on mixed agreements * the relationship between EU and public international law * the EU and international organizations, such as WTO and ECHR * the EU and economic relations generally. It also covers the EU's links with its neighbors and with developing countries, sanctions, the Common Foreign and Security Policy, and the Common Security and Defense Policy. The book is the most up-to-date work of its kind, examining both the law and practice in a wide range of external policies, placing the law in its political and economic context and exploring the links between the EU's external and internal actions. It will be of interest to academics, practitioners, and students of EU law, politics, and international relations. (Series: Modern Studies in European Law) [Subject: European Law, Public International Law]

Publication Date: 3/24/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849463225