Case Management in Criminal Trials

Second Edition

By Roderick Denyer

Since the first edition of this book - the first on the new system of case management in the UK's Crown Courts - much has happened, and the controversial and often misunderstood elements of case management have gradually evolved into a system which now appears to be having its intended effect. This book is designed to provide all those who work in the Crown Courts - judges, administrators, barristers, and solicitors - with a one-stop guide to the day-to-day practical problems that arise both before and during trial. In particular, it deals with all the problems that pre-trial case management can pose, as well as those management type problems that can arise during the course of a trial, such as problems with jurors, witnesses, and absent defendants. The book deals with all the main applications such as bad character disclosure and abuse of process. Now it its second edition, this unique and invaluable work of reference is meant for all lawyers whose work brings them into contact with the Crown Court, as well as students studying for their UK Bar Finals. (Series: Criminal Law Library)

236 pages

Publication Date: 1/12/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849463041