Politics, Culture and Control - Essays in Honour of Robert Reiner

Edited by: Jill Peay, Tim Newburn

Bringing together a range of leading social scientists and criminologists, this collection explores a number of key themes raised by the work of Robert Reiner. Arguably the leading policing scholar of his generation, Reiner's work over some 40 years has ranged broadly in this field, taking in the study of police culture, organization, elites, and relationships with the media. Always carefully situated within an analysis of the changing socio-political circumstances of policing and crime control, Robert Reiner's scholarship has been path-breaking in its impact. The 13 original essays in this volume are testament to Reiner's influence. Although reflecting the primarily British bent within his work, the essays also draw on contributors from the US, Australia, Europe, and South Africa to explore some of the leading debates of the moment. These include, but are not limited to: the impact of neoliberalism on crime control and the challenges for modern social democracy * the police culture, equality, and political economy * the new media and the future of policing * youth, policing, and democracy * the challenges and possibilities posed by globalization in the fields of policing and security.

312 pages

Publication Date: 6/22/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849463003