Parliament and the Law

Edited by: Alexander Horne, Gavin Drewry, Dawn Oliver

Parliament and the Law is an edited collection of essays sponsored by the UK's Study of Parliament Group and written by leading constitutional lawyers, practitioners, and parliamentary officials. The book provides a helpful overview of the way that the law applies to Britain's Parliament, and it considers how recent changes to the constitutional arrangements (in particular the establishment of a Supreme Court and increasing devolution) have impacted Parliament as an institution. It includes a discussion of a number of topical issues, such as: the operation of parliamentary privilege in civil and criminal law (examining the recent examples of 'super injunctions' and Members' expenses) * the powers of Parliament's Select Committees * the work of Parliament's 'watchdog' Committees (the Joint Committee on Human Rights and the House of Lords Constitution Committee). The book reflects on the effect of Freedom of Information on Parliament. It also discusses arguments that have been raised in favor of a new Bill of Rights for the UK and arguments for and against the continuation of the concept of Parliamentary sovereignty. It will be of interest to anyone who is curious about how the law interacts with Parliament and is aimed at legal academics, practitioners, and political scientists. (Series: Hart Studies in Constitutional Law - Vol. 2)

404 pages

Publication Date: 9/18/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849462952