Consumer Law and Policy

Text and Materials on Regulating Consumer Markets (Third Edition)

By Iain Ramsay

This third edition of Consumer Law and Policy continues to provide a critical introduction to the legal regulation of consumer markets, situating it within the context of broader debates about rationales for regulation, the role of the State, and the growth of neo-liberalism. The book draws on interdisciplinary sources, assessing, for example, the increased influence of behavioral economics on consumer law. It analyzes the Europeanization of consumer law and the tensions between neo-liberalism and the social market, consumer protection, and consumer choice, in the establishment of the single market ground rules. The book assesses national, regional, and international responses to the world financial crisis, as reflected in the regulation of consumer credit markets. It also incorporates recent legislative and judicial developments of the law, blending substantial extracts from primary UK, EU, and international legal materials, including a case study of the development of fairness in consumer transactions.

710 pages

Publication Date: 11/19/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849462624