Judicial Review in Northern Ireland

Second Edition

By Gordon Anthony

This is the second edition of a leading book on judicial review in Northern Ireland. It provides a fully updated account of the ever-burgeoning body of case law and is divided into chapters that consider the purposes of judicial review, the nature of the public-private divide in Northern Ireland law, the judicial review procedure, the grounds for review, and remedies. The focus of the book is very much on case law that is unique to Northern Ireland, yet it also identifies some important differences between principle and practice in Northern Ireland and that of England/Wales. It also considers the leading Human Rights Act decisions of the Northern Ireland courts, the House of Lords, and UK Supreme Court. Certain developments that have been integrated into this edition include: the House of Lords and Supreme Court rulings in Re E (A Child) [2008] and Re McCaughey [2011] * the devolution of policing and criminal justice * case law on the judicial review of lower court decisions * judicial pronouncements on pre-action requirements and procedural law more generally * the impact of the European Union Act 2011. Much of the Northern Ireland case law has been concerned with contentious political issues, and the courts have had to consider difficult questions of the constitutional limits to the judicial role in review proceedings. The book should therefore be of use, not just to practitioners, but also to those involved in the study of judicial reasoning in different jurisdictions (both within the UK and elsewhere).

376 pages

Publication Date: 1/23/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849462617