Judicial Review Handbook

Sixth Edition

By Michael Fordham

Judicial Review Handbook remains an indispensable source of reference and a guide to case law in judicial review. Established as an essential part of the library of any practitioner engaged in UK public law cases, Judicial Review Handbook offers unrivaled coverage of administrative law, including, but not confined to, the work of the Administrative Court and its procedures. Completely revised and updated, this sixth edition approximates to a restatement of the law of judicial review, organized around 63 legal principles, each supported by a comprehensive presentation of the sources and an unequalled selection of reported case quotations. The book also includes essential procedural rules, forms, and guidance issued by the Administrative Court. As in the previous edition, both the UK's Civil Procedure Rules and Human Rights Act 1998 feature prominently as major influences on the shaping of case law. Their impact, and the plethora of cases which explore their meaning and application, were fully analyzed and evaluated in the previous edition, but this time around their importance has grown exponentially and is reflected in even greater attention given to their respective roles. Attention is also given to another new development - the coming into existence of the Supreme Court. Here, author Michael Fordham casts an experienced eye over the Court's work in the area of judicial review, and assesses the early signs from a Court that is expected to be one of the key influences in the development of judicial review in the modern era.

890 pages

Publication Date: 11/19/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849461597