Conformity of Goods and Documents

The Vienna Sales Convention

By Djakhongir Saidov

This book provides a detailed examination of the issue of conformity of goods and documents under the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980 (CISG). This issue lies at the heart of sales law and is one of the most frequently litigated. The book explores: the Convention's requirements as to quality, quantity, description, and packaging of the goods (conformity) * the requirements flowing from the need for the goods to be free from rights or claims of third parties * the questions of what documents the seller must deliver to the buyer and what constitutes a 'good' document under the CISG. The book engages extensively with a substantial body of cases decided under the CISG and academic commentary. It systematizes the Convention's experience to date with a view to turning it into an integrated, comprehensive, and distinctive CISG legal regime on conformity of goods and documents. The analysis is comparative and draws on the experience of some major domestic legal systems, such as English and US law. The focus is both analytical and practical. The book will be of interest to legal practitioners, academic lawyers, and students with an interest in international and comparative sales law, commercial law, and contract law. [Subject: International Law, Trade Law, Commercial Law, Contract Law, Comparative Law]

Publication Date: 3/24/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849461559