International Law and Foreign Affairs in English Courts

Second Edition

By Shaheed Fatima

Published in 2005, this was the first practitioners' book (written by a practitioner and for other practitioners regardless of their specialist area of practice) to deal with how international law is, and can be, used in English courts in a wide range of fields, ranging from criminal law to family law to commercial law. More than ten years on, and in the light of the burgeoning case law and increasing use and relevance of international law domestically, this second edition provides a much needed, completely updated and expanded review of the topic. The new edition continues to provide, in a distilled format, the relevant principles of law and their application in this area. It also now includes further commentary and analysis to guide practitioners' use and application of international law and foreign affairs in English courts.

530 pages

Not Yet Published
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849461504