Family Law, Gender and the State

Text, Cases and Materials (Third Edition)

By Alison Diduck, Felicity Kaganas

The third edition of this work on family law provides not only an explication of legal principle, but also explores - primarily from a feminist perspective - some of the assumptions about gender, sexual orientation, class, and culture that underlie the law. The book examines the ideology of the family and, in particular, the role of the law in contributing to and reproducing that ideology. Structured around the themes of welfare, equality, and family privacy, Family Law, Gender and the State offers the benefits of a textbook while also giving students a wide-ranging set of materials for classroom discussion. As well as providing a firm grounding in family law, the text sets the law in its social and historical context, and encourages a critical approach to the subject. It provides an ideal introduction to family law for undergraduates, but will be equally helpful for postgraduate students of family law for whom it provides a challenging selection of materials set within a theoretical framework rich in ideas and arguments.

870 pages

Publication Date: 2/7/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849461498