Reflexive Governance

Redefining the Public Interest in a Pluralistic World

Edited by: Jacques Lenoble, Olivier De Schutter

Reflexive Governance offers a theoretical framework for understanding modern patterns of governance in EU institutions and elsewhere. The book offers a learning-based approach to governance, but one which can better respond to concerns about the democratic deficit and to the fulfillment of the public interest than the currently dominant neo-institutionalist approaches. The introduction looks at the concept of reflexive governance and describes the overall framework. The chapters then summarize the implications of reflexive governance in major areas of domestic, EU, and global policy-making. They address in turn: services of general interest, corporate governance, institutional frames for markets, regulatory governance, fundamental rights, healthcare services, global public services, and common goods. While the themes are diverse, the chapters are unified by their attempt to get to the heart of which concepts of governance are dominant in each field, and what their successes and failures have been. Reflexive governance then emerges as one possible response to the failures of other governance models currently being relied upon by policy-makers. The book will be of interest to political scientists, constitutionalists, policy-makers, and specialists of governance.

265 pages

Publication Date: 5/19/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849460682