Chinese Business Law

By Yuanshi Bu, Carlos Esplugues Mota, Qi Ge, Li Guo, Guang Li, Lawrence Shu, Changfeng Tu, Wenbin Wei, Simon Werthwein, Liang Zhao, Hui Zheng

Edited by: Yuanshi Bu

Thanks to China's place in the world economic system, Chinese law sparks great interest among foreign readers. For practitioners, it is important to keep track of new legal developments, which give rise to practical questions, and for business activities to comply with the latest regulatory enactments in China. For academics, the emergence of the Chinese legal system as a rapidly maturing hybrid legal regime, built by adopting models and experiences from other nations - among them the US and various European countries - presents fascinating possibilities for research and analysis. This concise and detailed handbook of modern Chinese business law provides an overview of the legal environment in which businesses must currently operate in China. It includes chapters on: China's accession to the WTO * corporations and partnerships * foreign investment law * securities * mergers and acquisitions * antitrust * secured transactions * bankruptcy * labor relations and labor disputes * intellectual property * outbound investment from China * offshore investment vehicles.

412 pages

Publication Date: 2/12/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849460583

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