Reimagining Restorative Justice

Agency and Accountability in the Criminal Process

By David O'Mahony, Jonathan Doak

Restorative justice theory has largely failed to keep pace with the rapid expansion of restorative practices worldwide - indeed, it is remarkable how much support RJ has when so few advocates can even define what it is. As such, this insightful and comprehensive new contribution from two of the top scholars on the frontlines of restorative justice research is hugely welcome.--Prof. Shadd Maruna, Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, U. of Manchester ***Reimagining Restorative Justice is a reflective and balanced reconsideration of restorative justice. It deftly sweeps across the large literature on the subject, putting it in perspective, seeing anew through its wide-angle lens. Empowerment and accountability provide a fertile framework for this richly reimagined justice.--Prof. John Braithwaite, Australian National U.~ In recent years, restorative-based interventions have increasingly been viewed as a legitimate, and even superior, means of delivering criminal justice. This book proposes a new theoretical lens through which the theory and practice of restorative justice can be analyzed. Given the sheer pace of recent developments in the field, there has been a clear need to re-evaluate the utility of some of the prevailing benchmark theories, and to reimagine the shape and role of theory in guiding restorative justice provision within criminal justice. [Subject: Criminology & Policing]

288 pages

Publication Date: 9/21/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849460569

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