International Criminal Law

Fourth Edition

By Ilias Bantekas

This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the major areas of international criminal law (ICL). It approaches the subject matter from both a criminal law and an international law perspective, analyzing the various topics exhaustively but in an accessible manner. While looking at the jurisprudence of the international tribunals, it is not confined to this approach, instead looking at all the fields in which ICL is employed. It covers: the theory of ICL, including the concepts of individual responsibility, the sources of ICL, State criminality, legality, and legitimacy * the subjective (mens rea) and objective (actus reus) elements of international crimes and the particular position of the International Criminal Court Statute * the various modes of liability and participation in international crimes * the doctrine of command responsibility * defenses and grounds for excluding liability * immunities * an extensive analysis of all war crimes * crimes against humanity * genocide * the crime of aggression * international criminal law of the sea, including: piracy, armed robbery at sea, pollution-related offenses, fisheries-related offenses, maritime terrorism, injury to cables and pipelines, illegal broadcasting and enforcement against such offenses * transnational crimes, including: organized crime, corruption, money laundering, illicit trafficking of drugs, and postal offenses * particular international offenses against the person, especially slavery and related practices, apartheid, enforced disappearances, and torture * the legal contours of the crime of terrorism * an analysis of the historical development of ICL and of the legal processes relating to the Nuremberg Tribunal * an analysis of the UN tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda * an examination of the International Criminal Court * an analysis of hybrid internationalized tribunals, such as those of Iraq, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, East Timor, Kosovo, Lebanon, and Lockerbie, as well as an examination of truth commissions and amnesties * the various strands of criminal jurisdiction * the different modes of inter-State cooperation in criminal matters, including cooperation with international tribunals, extradition, illegal rendition, and mutual legal assistance.

666 pages

Publication Date: 9/22/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849460453

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