Global Competition Law and Economics

Second Edition

By Einer Elhauge, Damien Geradin

Antitrust law is now a truly global phenomenon, with markets becoming increasingly global, mergers requiring approval in several different jurisdictions, cartels in one nation affecting supply in others, and countries increasingly entering into treaties with each other about the content or enforcement of competition law. Lawyers and lawmakers cannot rely on understanding only the antitrust and competition law of their home country. Modern antitrust law is also different because it now reflects an increasingly economic approach to analyzing antitrust and competition policy. This innovative and acclaimed book on global antitrust law - now in its second edition - is truly the only comparative and economically sophisticated casebook on the market. For scholars and students in all jurisdictions that have competition laws, this casebook provides an in-depth analysis of the two major global antitrust regimes in the world, as well as a summary of selected national antitrust laws. As such, it will also serve as a useful reference for practitioners, competition officials, and policy-makers interested in competition law.

1326 pages

Publication Date: 8/1/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849460446