The Legal Foundations of INTERPOL

By Rutsel Silvestre J Martha

This is a study of the legal aspects of the birth and development of an international organization, using the example of INTERPOL as a detailed case study. It is not a constitutional manual for INTERPOL, but an organizational study. Its main focus is the examination of the question whether an international organization, in this case INTERPOL, can be created without a solemn and formally celebrated treaty. At the same time, the book sets out the legal foundations for extra-judicial international police enforcement cooperation and explains the creation, structure, and operation of INTERPOL, the organization that promotes that cooperation. For practitioners who, for whatever reason, have to deal with INTERPOL, the book provides a much-needed explanation of the legal foundations of the organization, its legal status, and some basic guidance on its operations. It also includes information relevant for lawyers litigating issues with INTERPOL about how their clients can challenge the way the organization has processed information concerning them, or has alerted police forces worldwide about them. The book will be invaluable for international law practitioners and criminal lawyers.

279 pages

Publication Date: 5/12/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849460408

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