Climate Change and Displacement

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Edited by: Jane McAdam

Environmental migration is not new. Nevertheless, the events and processes accompanying global climate change threaten to increase human movement both within States and across international borders. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change has predicted an increased frequency and severity of climate events - such as storms, cyclones, and hurricanes, as well as longer-term sea level rise and desertification - which will impact upon people's ability to survive in certain parts of the world. This book brings together a variety of disciplinary perspectives on the phenomenon of climate-induced displacement. The book is a rigorous, holistic analysis of this phenomenon, which can better inform academic understanding and policy development alike. Governments have not been prepared to take a leading role in developing responses to the issue, in large part due to the absence of strong theoretical frameworks from which sound policy can be developed. Each chapter identifies key issues that need to be considered in shaping domestic, regional, and international responses, including the complex causes of movement, the conceptualization of migration responses to climate change, the terminology that should be used to describe those who move, and attitudes to migration that may affect decisions to stay or leave. Climate Change and Displacement will help to facilitate the creation of principled, research-based responses, and to establish climate-induced displacement as an important aspect of both the climate change and global migration debates.

274 pages

Publication Date: 9/6/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849460385

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