Hitler's Irish Slaves

(Revised Edition)

By David Blake Knox

This is the story of 32 merchant seamen from Ireland who were held in conditions of great hardship in an SS slave labour camp from 1943-45. They were being punished for refusing to join the German war effort, and they became part of a slave work force that was used to construct an enormous bunker near the village of Farge in northern Germany. The Nazis believed they could build a 'miracle boat' in this bunker which they thought could win the war. To achieve this, they were prepared to work thousands of their slaves to death, including five of the Irishmen who died in one of their camps. Despite the savage regime they were subjected to, and unlike some other Irishmen, they steadfastly resisted all attempts by the SS to turn them into collaborators with the Third Reich. This engrossing and dramatic book explores the fascinating and tragic story of hardship and struggle, and has been updated and expanded by the author following the huge response from readers of the previous edition, Suddenly While Abroad. *** "A fascinating account of a neglected aspect of Irish involvement in the Second World War...". --The Irish Times [Subject: WWII, Irish Studies, History]

Publication Date: 5/28/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781848405967

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