Heroes of Jadotville

The Soldiers' Story

By Rose Doyle

It is a pity that we, who never believed in the use of force, must suffer for the blunders of little dictators and stupid military leaders.--Comdt Patrick Quinlan, Jadotville, Sept. 1961 ***This new edition from the soldiers' perspectives coincides with the forthcoming Netflix film starring Jamie Dornan. In 1961, during the United Nations intervention in the Katangan conflict in the Congo, central Africa, a company of Irish peacekeeping troops, led by Comdt Patrick Quinlan, was forced to surrender to soldiers loyal to Katanga's prime minister, Moise Tshombe. Originally dispatched to protect Belgian colonists in Jadotville, they were isolated, without water, supplies, or support when they were attacked and forced to defend themselves in a brutal five-day battle. Shamefully neglected by their superiors, they were portrayed as cowards upon their return home. Rose Doyle draws on material provided by Leo Quinlan, son of Comdt Quinlan, as well as interviews, reports, journals and letters to bring answers to an episode that has been under-represented. She blows the lid off the real story of what happened, exposing how Irish peacekeeping soldiers became pawns in an international ploy for control of Katanga and its vast mineral wealth. *** "by far the fullest account of . . . what became known in the Irish Army as the Jadotville Affair" --The Irish Times [Subject: Military History, History, Irish Studies]

Publication Date: 3/8/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781848404885