Kingdom Overthrown

Ireland and the Battle for Europe, 1688-1691

By Gerard Fitzgibbon

Seventeenth-century Europe was a theatre of almost endless rivalry and destruction, where wars of religion and dynastic succession caused devastation. Kingdom Overthrown: The Battle for Ireland, 1688-1691 is a fresh narrative account of the Williamite War, wherein Ireland became an unexpected stage in this European struggle. To the Irish officers who served in both armies, it was a fight for control of land, property, and influence. It was also part of a pan-European war that would have consequences across the continent; it saw the last ever confrontation on a battlefield between two claimants to the English throne, featuring many intense clashes including the siege of Derry and the battles of Aughrim and the Boyne. Providing the necessary historical context following Charles II's rise to power, the book then charts the central phase of the war, details the Williamite victory in Ireland, and outlines the social, political, and cultural consequences of the war. First-hand accounts of the soldiers and officers in both armies - collected from historical manuscript collections, copies of correspondence, and personal memoirs - give life and color to the narrative. Kingdom Overthrown is an accurate and human account of the most destructive conflict ever fought in Ireland. *** "Irish journalist Fitzgibbon has a lively style. Fitzgibbon liberally seasons his account with observations, comments, and references to events from all of Irish history, down to the war for independence and on to the present. While doing so, Fitzgibbon also gives us many little profiles of some of the more prominent actors, including several kings, and a goodly number of soldiers and politicians, such as Patrick Sarsfield, Baron Glinkel, and the Earl of Tyreconnel. This is an excellent work for anyone interested in learning something about the fate of Ireland in the seventeenth century." --The NYMAS Review, Strategy Page, October 2016 [Subject: History, Irish Studies, Military Studies]

Publication Date: 10/20/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781848404755