Without Power or Glory

The Green Party in Government in Ireland (2007-2011)

By Dan Boyle

In 2007, the long held dreams of Ireland's Green Party to enter government became a reality as, despite losing seats, the Green Party became a key part of Bertie Ahern's Dail majority. However, the dream soon turned into a nightmare as economic collapse and political chaos descended on Ireland, resulting in bailout, electoral wipeout, and public disgrace for the Green Party and its members. Without Power or Glory is the first insider account from a senior Green Party leader describing events from before the 2007 election through the trauma of the bailout and defeat in the 2011 General Election. The book is written by Dan Boyle, a long-time member of the Green Party who was nominated by Bertie Ahern to Seanad Eireann (the upper house of the Irish parliament) in August 2007 and served there until 2011. Boyle served as Party Chair of the Green Party during their time in government, and he participated in the negotiations with the Fianna Fail party prior to the two parties reaching an agreement to enter government.

280 pages

Publication Date: 9/30/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781848401310