Drive Like a Woman, Shop Like a Man

Greener is Cheaper

By Mary Mulvihill

Whether you are a climate sceptic or a deep shade of green, this book makes sound financial sense. Easy, practical tips for 'eco-nomical' living that can be done immediately without costly equipment or installation needed, and the humourous, no-nonsense explanations will convince any sceptic. Research has found that women drive less than men, and men buy less than women. So, if we are to get out of this current mess, we could start by getting in touch with the other side of our brains. Take one of these tips every day, and you'll soon be living and working more sustainably. You'll save the cover price in minutes, and one tip alone could save you $800 a year. You'll also lose weight and maybe even live longer and healthier. Tips: . Mark the last Saturday in November as Buy Nothing Day. . Shop naked. . Do things by halves. . Say it with plants. . Get back in the kitchen!

150 pages

Publication Date: 2/1/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781848400160