The Law and Practice Relating to Charities

Fourth Edition + Supplement

By Hubert Picarda

The Law and Practice Relating to Charities is an invaluable source of practical UK advice on the registration of new charities, appeals and fundraising, administration, jurisdiction, court proceedings, trading, taxation, and rating. It considers the duties of charitable trustees and the updating of charitable trusts in the UK. The fourth edition takes into account the major changes brought about by the UK's Charities Act 2006. The supplement takes into account the consolidation following the Charities Act 2006 and includes analysis of the recent October 2011 ruling in The Independent Schools Council v The Charity Commission for England and Wales regarding what schools must do to justify their charitable status. For this combination pack, the fourth edition has been revised and includes: new categories of charitable purposes; an explanation of the UK's new Charity Tribunal and Charitable Corporations (CIOs); and details of the new procedure for Charity Tribunal appeals, reviews, and references.

Publication Date: 10/31/2014
Format: Pack
ISBN: 9781847669964