Charity Administration Handbook

Fifth Edition

By Don Bawtree, Kate Kirkland

This fifth edition of Charity Administration Handbook has been considerably restructured to make it a more useful guide for those involved in directly running a charity in the UK, as well for those advising them. The contents follow the lifecycle of a charity so readers can easily locate the information most relevant to them at any particular time. The text throughout is illustrated by UK examples and case studies with highlighted key points in each chapter. Charity Administration Handbook makes an ideal first point of reference for charity administrators and their professional advisers, especially in relation to UK finance and charity administration issues. It has also been brought fully up-to-date with changes in charity legislation and to the taxation of charities since publication of the last edition in 2008. Contents include: Start Up: what is a charity * thinking about a new charity * types of charity - what they do * types of charity - constitution * regulation * governance arrangements * finance requirements * the tax regime * housing associations * special cases --- Governance: hallmarks of a well run charity * governance * trustee duties and responsibilities * trustee's annual report * accounts and reports * annual returns * auditors * investigations and enquiries --- Strategy/Management: budgets * risk management * IT * data protection * branches * complex Structures * grants and research * overseas activities * political and campaigning activities * local authorities * terrorism --- Generating Resources: fundraising * contracts * grants * sponsorship * lotteries * legacies * Shops * investment * tax; *VAT * trading subsidiaries * advertising * entertainment * borrowings --- Applying Resources: investments * commons investment funds and common deposit funds * custodian trustee * reserves * land and buildings * insurance * SOFA - Statement of Financial Actions * zero and reduced rates --- People: staff recruitment and development * employment * disability discrimination * expenses * PAYE administration * secondment * volunteers --- Closing Down: resolving charity disputes * schemes and orders * mergers * dissolution * Insolvency * Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs

908 pages

Publication Date: 11/30/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781847669889