Guide to the Tax Treatment of Specialist Occupations

Fourth Edition

By Keith Gordon

In a clear and succinct format, this fourth edition focuses on the special tax treatment of a wide range of occupations in the UK. The book will help practitioners to service their existing client base, reminding them of any special UK rules that may be applicable and help them to understand how to deal with new clients and be aware of the relevant issues. The occupations covered include: pilots, captains, aircraft, and ship crew (cargo and passenger) * sports personalities * professional entertainers * writers, artists, and other creative professionals * armed forces personnel * barristers* construction workers * farmers * diplomats and foreign embassy staff * long distance lorry drivers * politicians (both Westminster and Europe) * ministers, vicars, clerics, and other faith professionals * independent consultants * etc. Common circumstances and scenarios are outlined for each of these occupations. Whatever the situation faced, be confident that the answers can be found within the pages of Guide to the Tax Treatment of Specialist Occupations.

390 pages

Publication Date: 6/30/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781847669414