The Succession Act 1965 and Related Legislation

A Commentary (A Guide to Irish Law) (Fourth Edition)

By Brian E. Spierin

Based on McGuire's seminal 1967 work, this fourth edition examines the UK's Succession Act 1965 in detail and examines other related UK legislation which impacts upon succession, such as the Status of Children Act 1987 and the Divorce Act 1996. Each section of the 1965 Act (as amended) is set out in full, and followed by a detailed narrative commentary which explains the sections and examines how they have been interpreted by the courts. Appendices contain the relevant Probate Office, Superior Courts, and Circuit Courts forms. Contents includes: Preliminary and General * Devolution of Real and Personal Estate on Death * Executors and Administrators * Grants of Representation * Administration of Assets * Distribution on Intestacy * Wills * Conflict of Laws Relating to Testamentary Dispositions * Legal Right of Testator's Spouse and Provision for Children * Unworthiness to Succeed and Disinheritance * Limitation of Actions * Provisions Relating to Probate Office and District Probate Registries * First Schedule * Second Schedule * Appendices

628 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781847668967