A Practitioner's Guide to Executorship and Administration

Eighth Edition

By John Thurston

A Practitioner's Guide to Executorship and Administration is a concise and thorough guide to all matters pertaining to the executorship and administration of an estate in the UK. The book covers all aspects of estate administration and will prove invaluable in estate, will, and probate practice. Considering tax issues, financial consequences, disputes that often arise, new pieces of UK legislation - no matter how complicated a client's financial affairs, this superb book contains the guidance and information you need. Packed full of technical information, it provides guidance to the administration of estates of those dying testate, intestate, or partially intestate, from taking initial instructions, to preparing final accounts, and distributing the estate. A host of forms, examples, practical suggestions, and technical tips are included. This essential guide to UK estate administration and executorship covers: immediate post death procedures * drafting oaths and Inland Revenue accounts * powers of personal representatives * completion of the administration * problems with wills and other disputes * inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and income tax.

420 pages

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781847668936