The Law of Compulsory Purchase

Second Edition

Edited by: Guy Roots, Michael Humphries, Robert Fookes, James Pereira

The UK law relating to compulsory purchase and compensation can appear daunting, being spread across several statutes of varying antiquity and many judicial decisions . This authoritative book is a single accessible volume to this complex and wide-ranging area of the law. The book sets out the practice, procedure, policy, and valuation of a compulsory purchase in the UK. It provides a summarized statement of the law, complete with footnotes to enable access to further information. Written in convenient narrative form, this second edition contains full cross-referencing to the relevant UK cases, statutory provision, and policy circulars. It also includes a full explanation of the scope of powers to acquire land compulsorily and the exercise of the powers and principles of compensation. The practical structure, style, and indexing ensures that the relevant statutory provisions and cases are easy to find. It both simplifies and explains with clarity the difficult areas.

818 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781847667465